Asphalt repairs and maintenance you can count on.

Repair, remove, recycle, resurface—DRYCO incorporates the latest asphalt technologies in all repairs we perform, from pot hole repair, ADA improvements, and overlay to full-depth replacement (FDR). We provide comprehensive services for all stages of pavement engineering and maintenance including conform grinding, parking lot resurface and overlay, ADA site compliance, cement treatments, pulverize in place, drainage solutions for extended life, driveway repairs, trenching, asphalt berms, and speed bumps.

Site Development

At DRYCO we have the equipment and expertise to perform grading, basic underground, and drainage, mission critical tasks for subsequent project phases. With the multiple divisions at DRYCO, we can begin by grading your site, providing the proper soil stabilization techniques, placing base rock, installing Bio-Swales, and ensuring proper drainage. We will design, scope, and build the most cost effective solutions for your budget. Our scope of work will ensure a quality bid process, allowing for greater value on your project. We have developed a special working relationship with our suppliers of Quality Materials, giving DRYCO a distinct advantage in scheduling of Site Development work, and thus manage the risk of delays on the project.

Remove and Replace

DRYCO provides all manner of asphalt repair, whether it be a simple pot hole repair to a full production mill out and replace. DRYCO owns several asphalt milling machines built to quickly and accurately remove failed pavement without disturbing subgrade. We have the latest in paving and compaction equipment so maximum compaction is attained. Fact is that for every 1% compaction you don't get you will lose 5% of the life of the pavement? Quality equipment and its proper application with experienced operator matters!

Pavement Overlay Option

If your subgrade is still intact or you have an ADA parking compliance issue, a pavement overlay may be a good option. DRYCO incorporates laser precision equipment, large conform grinders, and the latest paving equipment to create our pavement overlay design. The use of pavement membranes such as petro mat and liquid asphalt has been utilized by DRYCO since its inception, and provides the best end product. When it comes to tight tolerance, tough drainage, and high traffic areas, DRYCO is your all-in-one asphalt contractor that can get the job done quickly and correctly and will keep your present & future costs low.

New Construction

We understand the special regulations, and evolving codes for the construction, configuration, and spacing of parking lots. Even the landscaping, drainage, and pollution factors can have a significant impact on your asphalt's lifespan and is important to consider. We work from the ground up, including proper grading and compaction of sub-grade, a substantial section of base rock, and the right thickness of asphalt that has been properly compacted.


Too often, parking lots are under-engineered and are unable to hold up to high axle loads such as garbage trucks or loaded utility vans. Integrated landscape irrigation is also overlooked—you will find failed pavement near lawn areas due to saturation of sub-grade from overwatering. We can help repair such damage, and when you're ready for a new parking lot, we can ensure that it's built correctly.


Multi-year pavement maintenance plans have proven to be very useful tools, and proper sealcoating is at the heart of the plan. When you work from a plan, it will produce the best price, dramatically reduce the work required to plan and implement annual construction programs, increase the ability to obtain needed funding during annual budgeting processes, and lead to reduced maintenance and repair costs.


Causes of Pavement Deterioration


Exposure to the elements cause the liquid asphalt binder in pavement to oxidize and become brittle, and the weight of vehicles causes the now brittle surface to crumble. Water then washes away the crumbled aggregate, diminishing pavement thickness and revealing a rough, rocky appearance.


Variations in temperature cause pavement to expand and contract, and rain may cause the soil underneath to swell irregularly. All of this puts stress on the pavement, creating long cracks in a longitudinal (along the roadway) or transverse direction (across the roadway). These are quite common in California and can be kept in check through regular pavement maintenance. As the pavement ages, these cracks will appear with increasing density, forming block cracks. Block cracks indicate that the pavement has lost its flexibility and may require major reconstruction.


When it rains or when irrigation overflows the landscaping, especially in areas with poor drainage, water enters the cracks and over time slowly carries away the "fines" of the subgrade over time. This causes unstable, unsupported pavement. The weight of vehicles causes the unsupported pavement to crack in a manner resembling alligator skin.


Alligatoring will spread through the pavement like cancer, breaking the pavement into even smaller pieces that are cast aside, eventually forming potholes. Just like a leaky roof left unrepaired, the costs increase rapidly at this stage. Immediate response is highly recommended.