Experts in cost-effective sealcoat services.

Sealcoating asphalt allows pavement to stay flexible for as long as possible by protecting the binder (liquid asphalt) that holds the pavement together. Over the past 25 years we have been leaders in innovation when it comes to materials and application techniques. We are the first company in Northern California to perfect our own spray-on sealcoat machines. This method is the only way to get coverage on tight surfaces—which we find on 90% of the lots we seal—and a uniform appearance.

Surface Preparation

Preparation is the most critical step of the sealcoating process and is most often the indicator of a poor job. The surface must be perfectly clean and all cracks 1/4" and larger need to be blown out and filled with a high-quality, hot-applied crack filler such as Craftco or Duraseal. DRYCO sealcoating solutions always include hot-applied crack filling to ensure that the finished product meets our standard of quality. Also, any striping changes need to be covered with black paint so they don't show through—a phenomenon known as ghosting—as the sealcoat wears off.

Spray-On Application

Most surfaces have been sealcoated more than once in their lifetime. This creates a "tight surface" where all the voids have been filled and the sealer has worn off the rocks, giving the surface a worn-out appearance. The squeegee method of applying sealcoat pulls the sealer off the tight surface and creates streak marks, so DRYCO re-engineered our machines to spray the material instead. You get more sealer on the ground spraying than you do when you squeegee, and this equates to greater value for our customers and a seamless appearance.

Finished Product

After the job is complete, your pavement will regain a smooth, deep-black surface. We meticulously hand trim the edges of your pavement surface to maintain a clean separation from your concrete borders. DRYCO has the largest sealcoat asphalt crews and equipment to handle large-scale jobs over weekends and holidays—resulting in the least amount of disruption to your business. And we are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer our "best in the business" three-year warranty on all of our sealcoat applications. We always do things the right way the first time, and the result is quality you can count on.


Game Courts and Playgrounds

DRYCO has been building courts for towns, and corporate office parks for over 25 years: we build, stripe, and fence all of our projects directly. We have experience with courts of all sizes, including outdoor basketball, street hockey, and tennis courts.