Your one-stop source for pavement repairs, concrete, and fencing services.

The capacity, skills, and equipment needed to effectively execute all manner of pavement repairs, concrete repairs, site construction projects, and commercial fencing needs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Sacramento, and California's central valley region.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We remove frustration/stress from the process and customers experience transparency as we work from estimating to project completion — because they do not have to obtain bids, manage, or deal with invoicing paperwork resulting from multiple contractors. Projects are run much more efficiently and communications vastly improved by reducing the number of contractors on the job.

  • One Warranty

    All of our work is covered by one warranty that is transferable should a property be sold, and every job receives a follow-up call to ensure customer satisfaction. Our "best in the business" three-year warranty is triple the industry standard—and your quality guarantee.

  • Project Continuity

    Working with DRYCO is both a professional and a personal experience. Each client works with a dedicated estimator—your direct contact throughout the course of your projects. Our team consists of individuals who are experienced, dedicated, and reliable.

Pavement Management & Scope Development

In order to save time, scope development needs to be accomplished with a paving contractor you trust. Effective scope development involves a thorough technical assessment of all asphalt and concrete surfaces, including drainage, striping, and ADA access. At DRYCO, we pride ourselves on quality scope development to provide accurate and comprehensive estimates for every job.

Assessment: The first step is to make an appointment with one of our estimators. During the estimate, we will walk through your entire property and help you identify areas of concern and determine needed repairs. We use the Modified PASER System, which allows for a quick visual assessment on the status of your paved asphalt and concrete surfaces. The PASER system ranks general surface conditions on a scale of 1 to 10 and qualifies the areas by 1 as requiring complete reconstruction and 10 as not requiring any maintenance.

Estimation: The goal of scope development is to identify all repairs necessary to bring your pavement to what is called "maintenance level"-a level 8 minimum on the PASER scale. DRYCO will develop a detailed cost estimate for each repair item, and because each item is estimated separately, prices may be easily adjusted to future changes in budget constraints. All repair items are documented on a site map, clearly marked and numbered so there are no questions as to what work is to be done.

Strategy: Once you have received our proposal, you are ready to construct a strategy for completing the necessary repairs within your budget constraints. Property investment strategies often dictate the schedule of work—the work may be completed within the next week or spread out over a number of years. We merge all ascertained information into one living document so our projects always stay organized, no matter the size or length of the project.

Execution: DRYCO can help you with all the documents, planning and tools required to complete this process. Our breadth of knowledge in pavement management and scope development provides you dependability from conception to completion. Ask about our pavement maintenance seminars where we teach you the process in detail so that you can make educated decisions about selecting the right pavement contractor & solutions by being able to compare apples to apples when it comes to pavement repair.

Plan Ahead and Save

Multi-year pavement maintenance plans have been proven to be very useful tools for our customers. The payoff can be significant in terms of reduced costs and workload over the lifetime of your pavement surface. By implementing a pavement maintenance plan, our customers are able to get more done for less. DRYCO has developed all the tools and processes necessary to build and implement an effective pavement maintenance plan.

Pavement Maintenance Plans:

• Produce the best price every time
• Dramatically reduce the work required to plan
• Effectively implement annual construction programs
• Increase the ability to obtain funding during budgeting
• Lead to reduced pavement maintenance and repair costs

ADA Compliance Construction

In the construction world today, accessibility construction is ever-changing. DRYCO, your ADA concrete contractor, is up-to-date on current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) construction regulations, and with our wide breadth of services, we're able to provide customers with a one-stop solution. Our crews understand the ADA construction standards set forth by the state. Whether it's a concrete retrofit, wheelchair ramp, leveling of a parking stall, or required striping and signage, your one call to DRYCO provides a complete solution. Get the job done right the first time with our knowledgeable estimators.

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