Asphalt & Concrete Work at Swift Real Estate – Pleasanton, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Project Management: Supply project supervision and coordination during the project. Furnish safety devices and fending. Scan the site for existing utilities. Supply contractor job trailer.
  • Erosion Control: Install erosion control. Install tree protection.
  • Tree Removal: Cut down and remove existing trees and stumps per C2.0.
  • Clear & Grub: Clear and grub 170,000 SF of sod and plants. Off-haul all debris.
  • Hardscape Demolition: Demo existing curbs, asphalt, signs, and light poles. Off-haul all debris.
  • Excavation & Curb Backfill: Excavate soil to off-haul down to subgrade. Backfill planter curbs before landscaping. Off-haul all spoils.
  • Subgrade Prep and Grading: Scarify and compact subgrade. Fine grade before baserock and concrete improvements.
  • Storm Drainage: Furnish and Install 2,200 LF of underground pipe, area drains, and cleanouts.
  • Baserock: Furnish and install 8’’ of recycled class 2 baserock for parking areas, 10’’ for drive aisles, and 4’’ for sidewalks.
  • Pervious Rock Under Pervious Asphalt: Furnish and install rock, filter fabric, and drain pipe over pervious paving areas.
  • Site Concrete: Form and pour standard curb, deepened curb, flush curb, and concrete sidewalk.
  • Asphalt Paving (Non-Pervious): Furnish and pave 2.5’’ of asphalt over non-pervious parking areas and 3’’ over drive aisles.
  • Open Graded Asphalt: Furnish and pave 1’’ of open-graded asphalt over pervious parking stalls.
  • Fencing & Gates: Includes 60 LF of fence demolition, 60 LF of new 6’ black vinyl chain link, and 2 added man gates.
  • Landscape Work: Planting per plan. SF drip irrigation, spray irrigation, main=line, soil prepared to specs. Includes 2 soil tests. Mulch & Sod. 90-day maintenance period. Includes 3 precast posts. Includes cutting and patching mainline where it crosses hardscape.
  • Lighting: Furnish and install new light poles and bases. Includes trenching, new conduit, concrete bases, new wire, 30’ poles, and connecting to existing lighting systems.
  • Site Furnishings:
    • Shade Structure & Bench: Furnish and install 3 shade structures and 1 wood bench.
    • Signage & Striping: Stripe new pavement markings at new asphalt areas. Furnish and install 18 new signs.

Project Details



Swift Real Estate Partners – 4432 Rosewood Dr. Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94588


4400 Rosewood Dr., Pleasanton, CA 94010

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