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Scope of Work

General Conditions: Provide job site supervision, rental lift for moving materials, trench plates for access through job site, regular clean up of site, rebar shop drawings.

Footing Excavation: Starting with a certified building pad, DRYCO will excavate 1,650 CYD

Spoils Off-Haul: Load and off-haul 1,650 CY of clean spoils from site.

Elevator Pit: Construct Footing at bottom of pit, 12″ thick slab, 12″ thick walls

Footings: Construct 2,380 LF of grade beam footings ranging from 2′ to 10′ wide and rebar. 20 column footings. (2) stair footings. Enlarged footing at ramp end walls.

Set Plates & Sleeves: Set steel weld plates (furnished by others) and corrugated sleeves furnished by DRYCO.

Backfill Footings: Backfill footings with on-site spoils

Concrete Walls: Construct concrete wall along (2) sides of raised loading dock at front and wrap around to the north end. Construct 80′ of wall along east side of depressed dock. Construct 60′ of wall along ramp up to dock in back. 210 LF total.

Rock & Vapor Barrier: Place 4″ of crushed rock and 15 mil vapor barrier under new slab on grades at loading dock, ramp, interior walkway. 14,000 SF total.

Dock Levelers & Slab: Construct (2) dock levelers and pour 8″ dock slab and 6″ ramp slab at back.

Loading Dock Ramp & Slabs: Form and pour 6″ slab on grade up to ramp and 7″ thick at ramp with #5 rebar. Form and pour 12″ thick slab at compactor w/ sloped walkway. Form and pour 800 SF of interior slab.

Deduct Hut Area Slab: Deduct 23’x15′ of 6″ slab on grade and rock.

Ramp Slab On Grade: Form and pour 6″ slab on grade for beginning of ramp portion going up. Includes 2,000 SF w/ #5 rebar.

Deadman Footings & Trench: Trench for footing into subgrade, leaving gaps at grade beams. Construct approx 1,300 LF of 2’x2′ continuous footings at multiple locations per plan provided w/ (2) #5 bars.

Prep & Baserock: Assume starting with rough grade and staking provided, DRYCO will prep subgrade and excavate for perimeter footing. Assume leaving spoils on-site. Place and compact 6″ of class 2 recycled baserock for new pad. No off-haul, saw cutting, pavement demo

Concrete Pad: Construct new 23’x15′ concrete pad with perimeter footing. Includes 18″x18″ perimeter footing with added #4 rebar, 7″ thick pad with #4 rebar. Form and pour pad using staked hubs for layout and elevations. 3,000 PSI mix, natural color, standard finish.

Slab Patch: Mobilize to pour back utility block out in slab.

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5621 Bay St, Emeryville, CA 94608

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