Concrete Development at Los Gatos Pavers – Los Gatos, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Project consists of a new subdivision of 33 homes and streets
  • Construction of street infrastructure that include curbs, sidewalks, handicap ramps and decorative paver, as well as permeable decorative pavers
  • Permeable pavers are designed to collect surface water and reduce runoff entering into the storm system


  • Working with the other subcontractor on this project
  • Being in constant contact with the developer to understand their coordination and sequencing of the other trades is our main concern
  • Due to the number of trades that are on the site another challenge is finding space to do our work and staging our materials

Project Details


  • The crew staffed for the concrete work is 5-7 members and anticipated to take up to 45-50 workdays and the paver crew is staffed to 5-7 members


Taylor Morrison & Fernando Gonzales


Los Gatos, California