Asphalt, Concrete, and Fencing Work at Swift Real Estate – Pleasanton, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Project Management
  • Remove existing trees and stumps. Clear and grub 170,000 SF of existing sod and plants. Off-haul all debris.
  • Hardscape Demo
  • Excavation & Curb Backfill
  • Subgrade Prep and Grading
  • Storm Drainage: Furnish and install 2,200 LF of underground pipe, area drains, and cleanouts.
  • Baserock: Furnish and install 8″ of recycled class 2 baserock for parking areas, 10″ recycled class 2 for drive isles and 4″ of recycled class 2 new sidewalk.
  • Pervious Rock Under Pervious Asphalt: Furnish and install rock, filter fabric and drain pipe over pervious paving areas. Includes 3″ permeable base section below paving.
  • Site Concrete: Form and pour 5,382 LF of standard curb, 3,327 LF of deepened curb, 3,653 LF of flush curb, 529 LF of C&G and 5,250 SF of concrete sidewalk.
  • Revised Flush Curb Detail: Use trencher to trench subgrade to create 6″ min wide trench for 2 sk slurry. Pour 2 sk slurry in trench, 20″ deep. Form and pour new curb at top of slurry.
  • Asphalt Paving (Non-Pervious 2.5″ & 3″): Furnish and pave 2.5″ of asphalt over non-pervious parking areas and 3″ over drive aisles.
  • Open Graded Asphalt: Furnish and pave 1″ of open graded asphalt.
  • Fencing & Gates: Includes added 60 LF of fence demolition. Includes added 60 LF of new 6′ tall black vinyl chain link. Includes two (2) added man gates.
  • Landscape Work: Furnish and install: 97,000 SF of drip irrigation. 1,600 SF of spray irrigation. 2,676 LF of 6″ and 324 LF of 3″ main line. Includes 97,000 SF of 3″ mulch. Provide sod for 1,600 SF. Includes 90-day maintenance period.
  • Lighting: Furnish and install new light poles and bases. Includes trenching between the poles, new conduit, concrete bases, new wire and 30′ poles. Includes connection to existing lighting system
  • Shade Structure & Bench: Furnish and install three (3) shade structures and one (1) wood bench.
  • Signage & Striping: Stripe new pavement markings at new asphalt areas.

Project Details


  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Fencing
  • Striping


Swift Real Estate Partners


4400 Rosewood Dr. Pleasanton, CA 94010

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