Concrete & Fencing Work at Los Paseos Association – San Jose, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Provide job site supervision, barricades, temporary fencing, and restroom facilities
  • Saw-cut, demolish, and remove existing concrete deck
  • Form, install (4) new drain inlets, set #4 reinforcing steel at 24″ OCEW, and install expansion joints as required
  • Pour and finish concrete slab with plain color and broom finish
  • Provide demolition, excavation, & off-haul as required to construct new ADA ramp
  • Form new 25′ long double switch back ramp as shown on drawings. Includes 4″ of class II 3/4″ base rock under new concrete, #4 rebar @ 18″ OCEW, 4″ of 3,000 PSI concrete with plain color
  • Install new hand rails per current ADA code. All materials to be galvanized steel. All welds to be primered.

Project Details



Los Paseos Association, California


7047 Via Ramada San Jose, CA 95139