Asphalt Reconditioning at Seawall Navigation Center – San Francisco, CA

Project Description

Concrete Scope of Work

  • Grind, demo and remove existing asphalt pavement and off-haul debris
  • Remove 15 trees and grind stumps. Demo existing cubs around planters
  • Fine grade, scarify and compact existing base material in preparation for crushed rock and thickened slab edges
  • Place and compact 3/4″ crushed rock as required to be 6″ below new finish grade elevation
  • Set rebar for thickened / widened edge
  • Grind existing concrete surface with 80 grit diamonds. Apply sealer to entire surface
  • Excavate as required to be at designated subgrade
  • Place 6 mil vapor barrier
  • Form new ADA ramps and landings and stairs
  • Fabricate and install galvanized steel handrails at all new ramps, landings and stairs
  • Install approx 102 LF of 6′ tall black fence with 1″ no climb mesh
  • Black out all existing pavement markings

Project Details



G & G Builders, Livermore, CA


Seawall Navigation Center, San Francisco, CA