Sealcoating Work at Foster’s Landing – Foster City, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Repair of a low spot do to water damage
  • Resurfacing of approximately 7,600 SF
  • After complete resurfacing, applied 3 coats acrylic paint.

Problems solved

  • Repaired a rectangular low spot of about 20×30 feet
  • Thin patch of asphalt was spread over damaged area
  • Filled whatever low spots remained with our asphalt emulsion
  • Two coats of acrylic paint with 30 and 60 mesh sand were squeegeed over entire surface to obtain desired texture for play
  • Final coat of acrylic paint spread and shortly after the lines were painted to match pre-existing colors


  • Constant rain throughout most of the project
  • Pressure to finish project before weather no longer allowed to continue
  • Match the pre-existing color

Project Details



  • Two-man crew, our foreman Leoncio Valdez, and Osvaldo Martinez


Foster’s Landing Foster City, California


700 Bounty Dr, Foster City, California