Concrete Project at Youtube Campus – San Bruno, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Mobilization and Site Safety
  • Remove designated areas of existing concrete walkways at building entrance
  • Off-haul and dispose of all debris generated
  • Clear and grub a total of 9,750 SF of existing landscape
  • Grind and remove all on site areas of asphalt
  • Excavate to an overall depth of 16″ below finished grade at new concrete walkways
  • Place and compact 12″ of baserock under new concrete sections
  • Form, set reinforcing steel, and pour 290 LF of 6″ flush curb, 585 LF of vertical curb, 215 LF of deepened vertical curb
  • Install 40 mil plastic liner below drain rock throughout
  • Form edges and set reinforcing steel at 18″ on center each way for concrete walkways
  • Retaining walls at new ramps/stairs, trash enclosure and transformer
  • Furnish, place and compact 3.5″ of hot-mix asphalt pavement
  • Furnish and install 8 fixed steel pipe bollards filled solid with concrete
  • Furnish and install 9 EA ADA signs, 26 EA EV signs, 2 EA electric vehicle handicap signs
  • Seal cracks 1/4″ and larger with Duro-Flex hot applied crack filler
  • Seal Coat New section of asphalt in addition to existing 20,000 SF
  • Paint all new pavement markings as shown on plans and restripe all existing pavement markings
  • Install trash enclosure pad and walls
  • Traffic control
  • Furnish and install all erosion control measures

Project Details



Novo Construction – Menlo Park, CA 94025


Responsys – 1100 Grundy Ln. San Bruno, CA 94066