Concrete Work at 2016 Public Bid School Projects – San Leandro, CA

Project Description

Concrete Scope of Work

  • 45,000 SF of 4” sidewalks
  • 7,800 LF of Vertical Curb
  • 2,000 LF of Curb and Gutter
  • (6) Trash pads
  • (22) ADA Ramps with ADA Domes
  • 400 LF of Valley Gutter
  • (6) City Driveway Approaches
  • (5) Light Pole Standards
  • 3,000 SF Bus Stop


  • All school awards were given to DRYCO in mid-June 2016 with completion deadlines the last week of August which made it extremely tight
  • One school would not be completed till after students were back after August so the challenges of performing our reconstruction work in phases to accommodate the live school site

Project Details


  • Demolition of existing lots then regraded and installed new underground storm drain lines
  • Installed baserock for new improvements
  • Pour and finish all new site concrete curbs, flatwork and ADA walkways
  • Install new hot-mix paving for smooth drive-able new parking lots and driveways
  • Install new security fences and gates along with ADA ramp hand railings
  • Seal coating over all our new paving then installed all new pavement markings and signage


  • AC Superintendent Bob Schaefer. Asphalt division
  • CC Division lead, Kent Hudson
  • AC Division Foremen Victor Delgado and Jose Cortez
  • Fidel Moreno lead the Fence and Iron Division
  • Rick Flores and son, Ricardo Flores lead the Seal Coat & Striping Divisions


2016 Public Bid School Projects, California


Dayton School & Corvallis School, San Leandro, California

Alvarado Elementary School & Hillview Crest School, Union City, California