Striping Project at University Plaza – Palo Alto, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Consisted of an additional lane added to an off ramp off 101 for University Ave
  • New standard/ADA stalls in parking structure along with signage to accommodate both on and offsite work
  • Laid down approximately 1630 LF of White/Yellow Thermoplastic Paint in widths ranging from 4-12 inches
  • Ground out roughly the same linear footage of old existing thermoplastic in order to accommodate additional lane
  • New signs were added to off ramp in order to alert drivers of new lane setup
  • Standard stalls were painted in regular traffic paint in parking garage along with multiple New ADA Stalls with Custom color truncated domes

Problems solved

  • The freeway off ramp consisted of only three lanes and after construction of University Plaza an additional lane needed to be added to direct traffic in new direction
  • After grinding old thermoplastic lanes we were able to spray a coat of primer and lay out new lanes, including arrows, limit lines and road markers
  • All work was done and appoved in accordance to MUTCD standards


  • Since the Thermoplastic portion of this project was done on the off ramp for University Ave, we had to make sure that all safety precautions were met. In order to meet every safety requirement, we hired Cal Safe Inc. to provide us with the proper lane closures needed in order to work safely.
  • Deadlines are almost always aggressive for us, since we tend to show up towards the final stages of the project
  • Few days of rain which began to threaten our productivity but we were able to move our focus towards the parking structure on rainy days

Project Details



  • The Thermoplastic Portion of this project was led by Foreman Arturo Aguilar and helpers Michael Gonzales and Diego Martinez.
  • The garage work was mostly lead by Foreman Marcos Sandoval and helper Omar Llanos and Paul Valdez


Devcon Construction, California


2100 University Ave, Palo Alto, California