Concrete Work at McClellan Park – McClellan, CA

Project Description

Concrete Scope of Work

  • Footing excavation which includes excavation to bottom of footing, grading of bottom of footing and stockpiling spoils onsite
  • Spread Footings & Pilasters
  • Includes 931 LF of 8″x12″ IMP wall footings
  • Includes 1469 LF of typical 12′.’x24″ CC Wall footing
  • Form both sides of walls with steel form system
  • Pour 4″ mud slab over 202,518 SF
  • 6″ Dock Pit Slab
  • Drill and epoxy dowel #4 hairpins every 16″ o/c
  • Form edges of Type 1 wall curbs
  • Furnish and install 938 LF of 8′ Galvanized chain link fence
  • Furnish and install 938 LF of 8′ Black Coated chain link fence

Project Details



Fisher Construction Group, Washington


3936 Dudley Blvd. McClellan, CA 95652

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