Concrete Project at Las Alcobas Hotel – St. Helena, CA

Project Description

Concrete Scope of Work

  • 9000 SF of 4” Concrete Paving (Sidewalks, Ramps and Rat Slab)
  • 200 LF of Curb and Gutter
  • 140 SF Concrete Flatwork
  • 120 LF Seat Wall Footing
  • 100 LF of Retaining Wall
  • 100 LF Screen Wall Footing
  • 70 Concrete Band
  • 50 LF of Wall Footing
  • 20 LF of Fountain Basin
  • (7) 3’ Wheel Stops


  • The project had 3 change of orders
  • The weather delayed the job for multiple weeks
  • The owner of the hotel and the customer Tricorp had rigorous deadlines

Project Details


  • Excavating then constructing a 36” wide by 15” deep footing for the fountain area
  • Patching and demolition for cleaner edges and minor grading for asphalt paving
  • Construct the concrete patio and the fountain basin
  • Install the layout of the roadway
  • Completed the remaining sidewalks with 4” natural grey concrete paving and remove and replace the existing ramps for ADA ramps


  • Kent Hudson, the CC Division Manager directed his CC Superintendent Tim Hudson, to oversee the Las Alcobas project
  • The seal coat division was lead by Rick Flores
  • Concrete division superintendents Dennis Roediger and Tim Hudson
  • Rick Flores‘ team, finished the job by cleaning and sealing the existing pavements and installing metal signs


Tricorp Construction Inc.


Las Alcobas Hotel, St. Helena California 94574