Concrete Project at SummitPointe HOA – Milpitas, CA

Project Description

Concrete Scope of Work

  • Saw-cut and remove areas of damaged concrete curbs and gutters
  • Re-grade and compact baserock
  • Form, install dowels, and set rows of reinforcing steel
  • Pour, strip, and finish 6″ thick concrete valley gutter
  • Excavate and recompact subbase
  • Place and compact of new hot-mix asphalt paving in one lift
  • Install new speed humps
  • Remove & replace locations of failed asphalt totaling 725 SF
  • Clean the entire designated pavement surface using power blowers
  • Seal cracks and larger with Dura-Flex hot applied crack filler
  • Treat oil spots with Polyoil sealant
  • Apply a two-coat application of seal coat emulsion over entire surface
  • Squeegee first coat and spray the second coat for optimum coverage
  • Re-paint ALL markings on asphalt pavement in community
  • Two coats of paint, approximately two weeks after asphal slurry
  • Clean off all loose flaking paint and repaint
  • Off-haul and dispose of debris
pavement maintenance

Project Details



  • Estimator: Skylar Young


SummitPointe HOA, 1806 St Andrews, Milpitas, CA 95035


SummitPointe HOA, 1806 St Andrews, Milpitas, CA 95035

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