Concrete Renovation at Shoreway Environmental Center – San Carlos, CA

Project Description

Concrete Scope of Work

  • Demo all concrete walls and curbs
  • Salvage trash cans and stop sign
  • Excavate down 19″ from finish grade
  • Scarify and compact bottom 12″ of existing subgrade to 95% density
  • Drill #4 rebar dowels at 16″ deep
  • Form flush curb along side of existing sidewalk
  • Dig and set (4) 8″ bollards per plan
  • Pour 9″ thick slabs at (2) locations
  • Saw-cut maximum flatwork area at 5 pier locations
  • Set rebar cage and anchor bolts
  • Re-install existing stop sign and trash cans per layout
  • After concrete is poured, weld top/bottom rail and angle iron at posts for decorative panel
  • Paint all materials
  • Off-haul all demo and excavation materials

Project Details



South Bayside Waste Management, San Carlos, CA


Shoreway Environmental Center, 333 Shoreway Rd, San Carlos, CA