Concrete Project at Lyft Palo Alto Office – Palo Alto, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Saw-cut, demolish and remove designated areas of existing 5″ concrete slab on grade
  • Excavate the 2 designated concrete footing areas
  • Complete demolition and excavation activities on weekend per direction
  • Drill and epoxy set #4 dowels at 12″ on center into existing slab on grade and existing footings
  • Place and finish 12″ deep concrete footings
  • Concrete scanning by Digital Concrete Scanning
  • Saw-cut 20 LF of a trench on both sides
  • Remove 4″ of concrete and excavate 1″ of base material
  • Provide job site supervision and shoot elevations to confirm designed scope will work given existing elevations
  • Saw-cut, demolish and remove designated section of concrete sidewalk, concrete curb, and asphalt pavement as designated
  • Place and compact 4″ of recycled class II aggregate baserock at new concrete curbs, concrete walkway and concrete ramps
  • Saw-cut, demolish and remove an additional 500 SF of existing asphalt to install new finger island
  • Patch pave up against all new concrete curb
  • Restripe 4 EA parking stalls
  • Drill and epoxy set #4 dowels at 18″ on center, each side with 12″ min lap
  • Run 2 EA continuous rows of #4 rebar in trench
  • Place and finish 5″ thick concrete section at a total of 115 LF of trench
  • Off-haul and dispose of all debris

Project Details



Novo Construction, Menlo Park, California


Lyft – Palo Alto 3210 Porter Dr
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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