Concrete Improvements at TEC Equipment – Dixon, CA

Project Details


TEC Equipment
Dixon, California


8405 Pedrick Rd
Dixon, CA 95620

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Place, grade & compact 8″ Class II aggregate base over 445,300 SF
  • Furnish, place and compact 4″ of 3/4″ hot-mix asphalt pavement in one lift over 425,786 SF of new pavement
  • Layout building corners, footings, and bolt locations
  • Place and compact 4″ recycled class II aggregate baserock
  • Continuous concrete footings
  • Excavate, form and set reinforcing steel
  • Layout and set anchor bolts at 69 locations prior to pouring concrete floor slab
  • Excavate for trench drain
  • Form and pour reinforced drain concrete
  • Pour and finish concrete slab for 49,633 SF
  • Apply curing compound to slab surface
  • Infill 92 column blockouts with concrete grout
  • Fine grade the baserock for the site concrete
  • Form and pour 1,856 linear feet of concrete curb & gutter
  • Form 4,666 linear feet of curb
  • Pour, strip, and finish concrete curb
  • Form, place, and finish 9,619 square feet of heavy duty concrete
  • Form, place, and finish 2,978 square feet of concrete sidewalk
  • Install 342 square feet of wet-set, ADA compliant truncated domes
  • Form and pour 168 linear feet of valley gutter
  • Install several storm drains, sanitary sewer, fill and compact trenches with crushed rock
  • Install, prepare and finish tank footing
  • Fine grade, scarify and compact base material behind lime treatment crews
  • Place and compact baserock in plumbing area that was not lime treated