Sealcoating Project at Murphy Parkway – Lathrop, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Clean the entire designated pavement surface using power blowers
  • Seal cracks 1/4″ and larger with Duro-Flex hot applied crack filler
  • Treat oil spots with Polyoil sealant
  • Apply a two-coat application of Western Colloid seal coat emulsion over entire surface
  • Squeegee first coat and spray the second coat for optimum coverage
  • Stripe all new pavement markings as per plan. Includes regular stalls, ADA stall, cross hatched areas and truck stalls
  • Furnish and install 13 ADA signs and 1 ADA entry sign on metal posts set in concrete footing
  • Furnish and install 3′ long pre-cast concrete wheel stops using pin down method at each ADA stall
  • Install NO PARKING FIRE LANE signs mounted on poles every 75′ where applicable (approx 84 signs total)
  • Install 1 STOP sign, 10 NO PARKING
  • Stripe New STOP with bar and approximately 60 LF of detail 21 caltans line
  • All markings to be done using thermoplastic paint
  • Furnish and install new blue reflectors as shown on plan

Project Details



Buzz Oates • Lathrop, California


1700 Murphy Parkway • Lathrop, CA 95300