Concrete Make Over at Graycor Amazon – Phoenix, AZ

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Mobilize to site with equipment and job trailer
  • Demo and remove concrete items including: 26,506 SF of concrete slab, curb and gutters, sidewalks, truck ramps and retaining walls
  • Remove 775 LF of existing chain link fence
  • Grind and remove existing asphalt over 107,448 SF
  • Clear all vegetation at the new parking lot locations
  • Excavate existing planters that are called out to be removed to subgrade
  • Excavate existing baserock at new planter excavations
  • Remove and salvage as much baserock from existing subgrade as possible
  • After excavation, scarify 12″ and compact subgrade. Includes 101,891 SF of new roadway areas
  • After subgrade has passed compaction for roadway elevations calling for new elevations, place baserock at subgrade areas
  • Import and install baserock at new Curb & Gutter areas
  • Fine grade all AB areas for paving
  • Form 24″ tall curb per city details and install reinforcing steel
  • Pour, strip, and finish concrete curb
  • Import and Place 6″ of AB at 2 truck dock locations
  • Pour 2 slab areas with concrete pump and sawcut joints for the 7″ truck docks
  • Vehicle Ramp Backfill
  • Furnish and pave asphalt over entire area
  • Excavate two biofiltration pits
  • Furnish and install filter fabric
  • Seal cracks 1/4″ and larger with Duro-Flex hot applied crack filler
  • Paint all new pavement markings
  • Furnish and install 50 pre-cast concrete wheel stops
  • Furnish and install sheets of truncated domes
  • Furnish and install ADA signs.
  • Load and Off-haul and dispose of surplus

Project Details



Graycor Construction Company

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