Asphalt Work at TEC Equipment – Lathrop, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

Grading & Underground

  • 425,000 square feet
  • 13 working days
  • Install five catch basins and 1,500 feet of 30” diameter pipe
  • Establish elevations, grade and compact for drainage, balance of soil on-site

Rock & Pave

  • 425,000 square feet
  • Seven working days
  • 7,340 tons of recycled Class II Aggregate Base, graded and compacted at three inches
  • 15 double bottom dumps per day
  • 7,340 tons of ¾” Hot Mix Asphalt compacted to an average thickness of three inches
  • Striping for truck parking


  • Fourth quarter work with weather issues lurking
  • Tight window—only two weeks to complete 425,000 square feet of underground, rock, and paving (normally this scope would take four weeks or longer to complete)
  • We bailed them out on the underground and grading because they were going to self-perform and could not meet their own schedule
  • Job was bid competitively with incredibly tight profit margins. We could not have afforded a single mistake—and we made none.

Project Details


Equipment Used

  • Two excavators
  • Two motor graders
  • Two roller compactors
  • Two water trucks
  • 18 super dumps per day
  • Three compactor rollers


TEC Equipment • Portland, Oregon


2050 E. Louise • Lathrop, California