Irvine Company Office Properties

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • The multi-project required an extremely large amount of concrete paving and demolition
  • The 1st project required concrete demolition and concrete repairs for ADA improvements as well as installing 334 SF of Wausau Tiles in three entries for building 490
  • The 2nd project needed 16000 square footage of concrete demolition and concrete paving
  • The last project is demolition and installing valley gutter and saw cutting at the Kohl’s Offices


  • The property manager allowed DRYCO to demolition only on weekends due to the sound pollution
  • Pressure to finish project before weather no longer allowed to continue
  • Match the pre-existing color

Project Details


  • 130 SF Concrete Demolition
  • 130 SF Concrete Sub-Slab
  • 334 SF Wausau Tile
  • 16055 SF Concrete Demolition
  • 16055 SF Grading and Base Rock
  • 16110 SF Concrete Paving
  • 2.67 CYD Concrete Sidewalk Repairs
  • 125 SF Clearing and Grubbing
  • 125 SF Patio
  • Volleyball Concrete Post


  • Kent Hudson the CC Division Manager and CC Superintendent conducted the projects


Irvine Company Office Properties and The Core Group, California


890 N. McCarthy Blvd Milpita, California

Other Job Highlights