Concrete Revamping at Bay Area Builders – San Jose, CA

Project Description

Scope of Work

Site Demolition and Excavation

  • 8,000SF of site demolition of old concrete hardscapes and utilities
  • Demolition of existing structural fountains
  • 6,500SF of new grading and baserock for new hardscape


  • 6 Isolated column footings
  • 2 Structural Concrete beams
  • 150LF of structural footing for decorative seat wall


  • 6,500SF of new decorative concrete flatwork with color and sandblast finish
  • New ADA ramp with truncated domes
  • 150LF of new decorative concrete seat wall with wood finish
  • Added multiple colors of concrete bands to existing columns


  • Working with other multiple trades and maintaining proper time management due to a fast paced schedule
  • Maintaining quality of new decorative hardscape from phase to phase by implementing proper protection procedures

Project Details


  • Project was completed in multiple phases
  • Staffed project with a 7 man crew including 2 foremen
  • Completed within a 3 month period


Bay Area Builders


1940 Zanker rd. San Jose, California